I am woman, hear me roar

December has been a horrifc month. I’ve written little about the massacre of 20 children on the USA or the gang rape of a woman in India. I’m not going to write much now.

What I am going to say is this. I am a woman. I have three daughters. I have raised or am raising six children. It is time for the women of the world to unite. Swati Parashar has rightfully asked for more western women to speak out against the violence faced by women in developing nations.

Yet we have insane people shooting innocent children in a western country that refuses to control gun ownership, but will pray to “God” about him taking little children.

We’ve seen gang rapes in France and a young girl shot in Pakistan.  Here in Australia we’ve had the terrible aduction, rape and murder of two young women in Melbourne and we have a Royal Commission into the abuse of children, many of whom committed suicide later in life. I’ve said before I believe there is a link between the subjugation of women and the abuse of children.

Time for women in all nations to rise up and demand an end to the insanity. Don’t bother making any damn comments on here that it is the victim’s fault. Such comments will not be published. Think very carefully about why you even think such stupid thoughts and DO NOT bring religion into it either!  Edit: It has just been brought to my attention this can be misinterpreted by new readers. What I meant here was DO NOT offer religious “justification” for subjugation of women.

Women like Dr Anita Shukla should hang their heads in shame.

Many women may be too young to remember Helen Reddy.  An Australian, actually. Listen to the words. Time to make this our anthem again, I think.

We are strong. We can do anything. So let’s do it. We will not tolerate insane treatment of women any longer. Not at home, not at work, not in our own country, not in other countries.

To the many wonderful men globally who support the fight – WE LOVE YOU!


A very moving article to read from a woman who has lived the Dehli environment, especially for westerners to comprehend, is this one: http://daddysan.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/the-subjugation-capital/

Where can you go to stand up and be counted? There are many organisations across the world. My friend Helen has written a great article with facts and links. Go to Power to the Women of the World.  Helen links to Million Women Rise. Visit.

Visit www.facebook.com/DestroytheJoint . For non-Australian readers, Destroy The Joint was born from women’s fury (in Australia) at being told we were destroying the joint by a radio announcer who doesn’t like Australia’s FEMALE Prime Minister.

If you have local resources, include them in the comments!

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We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

16 comments on “I am woman, hear me roar

  1. […] give a rat’s arse whether feminism is socialist, marxist or capitalist. I care that a woman in India gets gang raped and another in Saudi Arabia gets stoned to death because someone raped her.  I care that a child […]


  2. Just awful all these tragedies… I just can’t imagine anyone commenting otherwise on your blog… Sad!


  3. […] I wrote in I am woman, hear me roar, the events of recent times have angered, frustrated and saddened me. Not just the rape and […]


  4. Similar to Dan. But I’m extremely tired. Tired of fighting for causes and getting nowhere at times, simply because when something serious happens such as the rape in India, people are all outraged, only for a season. Then things die down to a standstill only waiting for another incident, then another and another. Politicians seem to do a similar thing where they have all these in-depth discussions on radio, on TV promising change, only to implement nothing much or nothing at all. I can’t count the amount of times I have started actions against a cause, and within months I’m once again standing on my own, much thinner with hair loss etc… I’ve learned to personally do what I can and not expect help from anyone.

    It’s not easy standing up for any cause, but many people need to know that they ought to stay in it for the long run. You don’t get results overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I admire any woman who is standing firm right now. Women in all cultures need to unite and fight against what is happening to them in society. Don’t give up the fight.


    • Several of us hmmmm “older” women have been sating for some time that it seems we are losing ground again. You may have noticed I have several articles on this site about attacks on women in one way or another – in fact I think you’ve commented on a couple! :wink:

      We’ve just had another woman die in Australia, from injuries sustained in an attack. I can’t be a leader in this cause, I have my own cause to lead, however that doesn’t stop me using what small audience I may have to try to inspire and connect.

      I am convinced women need to take a stand globally. Some in small ways, others will lead the charge. Dehli is a particularly horrendous environment by all accounts, yet look at how women were written about after the USA election – as if women were a MINORITY!!!! FUCK!

      Like you, I am tired. The battle I fought already has left me physically and emotionally drained. But I have three daughters, nieces…… I can’t sit by and not lend at least my voice to the cause.

      The cause of respect for women.

      Thank you so much for your words. Hugs!


  5. I was already writing about this when I saw your post so as you can see I have linked to yours :)


  6. Too true! After so many years trying to be equal to men, we are still seen as the weaker sex, in some countries abused and made to feel inferior, with no rights to education… Very sad.


    • I’m at the point where equality doesn’t bother me as much as bloody respect and safety. For example, women can live without driving, provided they are not beng raped to death or stoned for getting pregnant.


  7. It would be nice if people would stand up and make a change. Seems so senseless and stupid that we live in such a modern world, yet barbarism is almost accepted. Instead of doing anything, we argue of the pros and cons of political agendas….


    • Agree. A couple of other women and I (all over 40) were saying we seem to be fighting the same fight we fought 4 decades ago…………. and longer. When did women get the vote in western nations? Yet we still deal with this insanity?d


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