My Black Santa Claus

Once upon a time I wrote about shaving bumps and the distress they caused Mr O.  I never got around to the follow up, did I?  Here is Mr O shaving the Nigerian way. Which was actually the Black American way before the method wandered over to Nigeria.

Looks just like shaving cream from where you are sitting, huh? No, Mr O is actually shaving as he stands there.

Shaving the Nigerian way

Shaving the Nigerian way

How is this possible you ask? Shhhhh – there is a surprise at the end…..

This is how.

Shaving Powder

Shaving Powder

No razors, just powder! There are a couple of downsides for the rest of us. Miss O 1’s description of the smell: “It stinks like shit!” Trust me, she is 100% CORRECT! Secondly, it bleaches anything it comes in contact with, like my nice powder blue flannel is now blue and white tie-dye.

As I was writing this, The Trouble Princess (Miss O 2) leaned over my shoulder and snapped a picture of the picture.

THIS is the result!

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We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

14 comments on “My Black Santa Claus

  1. Hi Mrs O,
    found my way here via your excellent partner visa section.

    Just thought I’d let you know about a shaver that I’ve had success with. I’ve pretty much tried everything and the only thing that stopped ingrown hairs for me AND gave me a half decent shave is the following beard trimmer:


    You can get it on eBay, search for Lithium Ion Trimmer:


    Or in Australia at the ShaverShop:


    Anyway, the real trick is to use the ‘Detail Shaver Head’ (http://wahl-store.com/detail/WAH+59307) to shave your entire beard.

    The idea is to cut the hair as low as possible but not so low that it could become ingrown.

    I only use it about twice a week, so I’m not so sure it would stand up to everyday use.

    I hope that helps!


  2. That video is hysterical… Haven’t stopped laughing Did her dad see this? OMG!!!!!!! :lol:


  3. Love the video!! Shaving is a pain in the ass. For the most part, I don’t have razor burn issues like Mr. O does, but I still try to only shave a few times a week and go with the stubble look the rest of the time. If I could just stop shaving I’d probably be a happy guy, but after about a week it itches like crazy!


    • Now that itching is what get Mr O too! Mind you, I have heard beaded guys say the itching stops after a while – it is a temporary “thing”.

      Glad you liked the video! You might like the song I just added to the spider article! Can’t believe I forgot the song!


  4. I have three thoughts
    1)That video was hilarious
    2)I just came across this blog today and as 1 half of an interacial couple, I can totally identify with your challanges/triumphs and I look forward to reading more
    3)As an African American male, I am also plauged with razor bumps. A few things I do to keep them at bay are exfoliating regularly, making sure I alternate razors after 3-4 uses and before I shave I always use a hot towel to soften the hair.


    • Thanks Kyle! I’ve popped over and checked out that gorgeous little smile!

      It seems that no matter what we tried, razors were just a workable solution, but the powder makes Mr O very happy.

      I look forward to sharing your adventures too, I will read more than just the dazzling smile!


  5. Oh, I loved the video clip, it’s so funny. That shaving cream is a great idea, as it seems to be quite common for black men to get razor bumps because of the way the hair grows out after it is shaved (I think). Make sure that stuff doesn’t bleach his skin too…… you never know. He might just end up with a real permanent white bearded area, ha ha ha ( hope you don’t mind the joke)


  6. haha.. now THAT made me laugh :D


  7. As one who only shaves half his face, all power to Mr O!


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