Almost the end of the year

For most families this is a hellish week. In fact, I could say a hellish month.

So far this month we have had:

  • Year 6 Graduation
  • Year 12 final sign up (pay fees, confirm subjects etc)
  • Parent’s Orientation Night for High School
  • Second Hand Book Day
  • School Reports for Primary School (more on that later)
  • Work Children’s Christmas Party
  • Work Department Christmas Lunch
  • Mr O Jnr 1 had a party (we provide taxi service)
  • House inspection

On top of that I have been madly editing the manuscript and entered Pitch Wars!  This Friday we have the break-up for the holidays at work.  We are a week late returning library books and I had a fight with Telstra today, but that is a whole other article all by itself!

The school reports are a bit of a drama this year as part of the teachers’ industrial action against the Victorian Government is no reports – or at least minimal reports.  The younger two got reports today, but only grades, no comments.

We know Mr O Jnr 1 is into Maths A!  He also got 85% on a Science test the other day, so he is doing well.  The reports we have got showed great improvement in Mr O Jnr 2’s reading and writing and Miss O 2 has improved her maths in leaps and bounds!  Mr O Jnr 2 is actually Year 7 level for Information Technology! Wonder where he got that from! :D

Miss O 2 knows she had learnt a lot this year. She is impressed she can say homogenised and pasteurised!

Miss O 1 got good marks that would have been better if she wasn’t still catching up on her English. Of course English effects other subjects. Because English is the “official” language of Nigeria, halfway through Year 11 we were told she could not do English as a Second Language in Year 12, so had to swap mid-year to mainstream English.  This has been tough for her.  We have organised her Year 12 texts to arrive this week so she can get a head start on next year.

We were very saddened by the tragedy in the USA. Our deepest condolences to the those families and friends mourning lost ones. Mr O couldn’t even talk about it as it brought too many bad reminders for him.

We are, like I am sure many other people at the end of the year, VERY TIRED!

The kids are excited because school is nearly over for the year.  They have class parties tomorrow at the primary school, so tonight Christmas Cards had to be bought!

One great bit of news is Mr O Jnr 1 got a part-time job!!! He is thrilled and will be something he can put on his resume for more hours later on. I saw his  employers the other day and was a very proud Mum when I was told he is a very diligent worker and they are very happy with his work and his attitude!  It is only one hour a week, but it builds him a reputation.

We are still trying to get a part-time job for a very conscientious Miss O 1 – hint, hint to anyone who might have a holiday job available within striking distance of us!

I added up all the book costs and the subject levies and for all of them it is over $3,200 – and that is AFTER Mr O Jnr 1 managed to buy several books second-hand and sell some of last year’s books.  It is also before the school uniform for Mr O Jnr 2!

Miss O 1 has decided she is ready to finally go for her “L” Plates, so that is the next cab off the rank.

I have time off between Christmas and New Year. I think I am going to sleep in EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

5 comments on “Almost the end of the year

  1. […] referred to a little tiff with Telstra in my Almost the end of the year article the other day. I would like to stress I have been with Telstra for 40 years and in all that […]


  2. A busy year for all of you. Well done to the kids for their good marks in school. Have a great Christmas break, enjoy the family, and the longer sleeps. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year Robyn for you and your family.


    • Best wishes to you too, Sami, for the Festive Season.

      Thank you for the “well done”! Stands them in good stead for next year. This was their first full year in an Australian school.

      I can’t get over how very, very tired I am. John is too. It has just been an exhausting year!


  3. That’s a heck of a year for you guys. Lots of stuff going on, but you know what? It’s all for the good and of the family and that’s money invested well. ;)


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