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Let’s re-educate Australians

Team Oyeniyi:

I support this cause wholeheartedly, as I think everyone I’ve managed to reach already knows!

Originally posted on Just Thought I'd Mention It:

‘Children overboard’, ‘queue jumpers’ and ‘illegals’. This is just some of the hype, rumour and myth people spread and unfortunately people believe.

It is not illegal to seek asylum in this country but, sadly, for the people who come here to seek refuge from the homes they have been forced away from for reasons such as war and political unrest, some Australians believe it is.

In order to make a difference and in order to change people’s perception, it is crucial that we start spreading the right rumours and re-educate people by speaking out against the unfair treatment of refugees coming to Australia.

Actress, Model and Activist Imogen Bailey, who recently appeared on SBS’s Go Back To Where You Came From is hosting a Webinar that goes live on December 10, 2012.

This extraordinary woman has dedicated her time, energy and passion to creating an online classroom for people to give…

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