I am SO SO SO over editing!

Edit Ruthlessly

Edit Ruthlessly (Photo credit: Dan Patterson)

I have to take a break from editing to just write something. Write anything. Even if it is just the fact I am over editing!

The first editing pass I did I decided I was reasonably happy with my book. I’d written a new first chapter that was well received. Beta reader feedback was good.

Now I am up to editing pass number 3 and I am STILL finding errors. The odd typo (“sought” instead of “sort” – how did that happen?) and I’d missed some shifts from present to past tense. Have I got them all now? MS Word keeps changing my commas to semi-colons. I hope Microsoft is correct!

I know there is a bit somewhere that I copied and pasted into another, earlier page and then missed deleting the original placement. How do I find it? I read a bit and think I’ve read it before, but was that is this draft or an earlier draft?  I’ve deleted stuff this pass. I figure that is a good thing! :D

I’ve standardised all the paragraph styles and heading styles and set all the images to “in line with text” which I believe is the right choice.

The other day, I noticed an author stating she usually edits seven times. SEVEN times? OMG, I’ll have gone crazy by then. OK, some say I am already crazy, but that’s their problem! :razz:

In a nutshell, I think I hate editing. Maybe each pass is different, I don’t know. I’m scratchy! My eyes hurt. I want to sleep.

I think I’m building up to a slash editing – as in cull stuff.  Either way, I am not enjoying editing pass three.

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8 comments on “I am SO SO SO over editing!

  1. A famous Serbian playwright says “It’s no good without at least ten edits”. Another guy, a screenplay writer, says “Yeah, right. Do it ten times and the text is dead, the first draft turns out to be the best, at least it’s alive”.
    There are always mistakes. At least I always find them, no matter how many times I check. And it can be difficult to find a balance between editing the darn thing and overediting it.
    Good luck!


    • I think I was in a “over editing” mind-set last night. As in am I over-thinking the whole thing. But with the high possibility of self-publishing looming, I can’t depend on a publisher’s or agent’s whizz-kid staff to run over it!

      Glad to hear there are different opinions and yes, I wonder if we edit so many times we bet the life out of it!


      • Have you tried Critters Writers Workshops (critique.org)? Some serious writers dwell there, as well as beginners. They have workshops for just about anything, and I’ve heard all the best about the critiques writers receive there. It’s free in terms of money, although you have to critique works of others in order to have yours critiqued (you can get instructions how to do that), and you wait in line with others who want their work critiqued.


      • Thanks! Will have a look! My problem is I am time bankrupt, with a job, writing four kids and a husband!


  2. It can’t hurt to give it to someone else for an edit… Usually, doing all the edits on your own work is not the best thing… Best wishes!


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