Jet lag is crappy

English: British Airways Concorde, Heathrow, L...

English: British Airways Concorde, Heathrow, London, England – by P.B.Toman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jet lag has to be the bane of all travellers.  Sometimes it isn’t too bad, other times it is horrible.  This is one of those times.  I was awake at 5 am this morning.  A colleague popped into my office yesterday to ask if I was sick as one of my travelling companions had gone home sick.  No, I replied, I’m fine!  So what happens? I’ve been up several times during the night with a sore throat and a blocked nose, plus I still feel SO tired.

Someone said to me yesterday that it takes a day for every hour of time difference to recover from jet lag.  Then there was a debate about whether it was 15 hours or 9 hours, on the basis the body doesn’t know about days, only hours, therefore the jet lag difference is 9 hours even thought the actual date/time difference between Florida and Melbourne is 15 hours.  9 am here is 6 pm the previous day in Florida.  Personally, I don’t care! :lol: I just want to sleeeeeeep! Preferably not at 3 pm in the afternoon!

Yes, I tried the Melatonin.  Can’t say it worked very well for me.

Yesterday was better than Monday, so hopefully by the end of today (Wednesday)  I won’t feel like death warmed up, although I’m not sure about the cough, sore throat and blocked nose!

I wore flying socks/stockings both over and back, but it didn’t help the feet much, so Monday I was off to the doctor to get fluid tablets to shift the fluid in the hope I can get some shoes back on my feet some time soon!

Why is it I have a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind this is somehow “age related”?  Why can’t I be 30 again? :lol:

I’m grumpy.  I feel bad about that.  My poor husband was thrilled to see me home and now I am grumpy! :cry:

To put the travel time in perspective, to come home from Florida requires a 5 hour flight from Orlando to Los Angeles.  This is after one has been up all day in Florida.  We had been up particularly early as we started the day with an 8 am meeting.  Then we wait around LA for about 3 hours until the international flight at 11:30 pm.  We had a good tail wind coming home and shaved nearly an hour off the 15 hour flight.  Woo Hoo!  It is still 19 hours in the air.  Total travel time?  I’m not caring to calculate! :lol:

Unless you have a sky bed, there is NO comfortable way to sleep on a plane.  I know some people manage to sleep sitting up, but I am one of the unlucky ones that struggles.  Plus I am supposed to “keep moving” to reduce the risk of leg swelling.  Pretty damn hard when you are feeling absolutely ZONKED!  In the “old days” often the flight from USA to AU at 11.30 pm was no remotely full and one could move to a block of empty seats, put up the arms and stretch out.  Not these days.  I think every flight I’ve been on since about 2007 has been packed.  One almost expects to see passengers “strap hanging” in the aisles! :lol:

They say the jet lag is worse flying west and I tend to agree, although I have to say none of us slept too well at the end of the flying east either!

We definitely need a faster way to get from point A to point B. Mightn’t solve the jet lag, but should solve the swollen feet!  What ever happened to the Concorde?  Surprisingly I just found this: Son of Concorde.  London to Sydney in four hours!  However, reading on I discover a quotation: “Every single story about a Concorde successor ever written has been wrong”.   NASA says “our ability to fly at supersonic speeds over land in commercial aircraft depends on the effort to reduce the sonic boom”.  Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted!  Maybe a daughter of Concorde might be a better option? :wink:

sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created by an object travelling through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding much like an explosion. The crack of a supersonic bullet passing overhead is an example of a sonic boom in miniature.


Given I live very near the airport, I can understand the noise being a little disruptive!

Being in a far away place can be fun, informative or profitable, depending on the purpose of the journey.  Getting there and back can be crappy, crappy, crappy! :lol: But we survive to do it all again next time!

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9 comments on “Jet lag is crappy

  1. Hope you recover soon… It was a long flight. :-)


    • We all caught a bug and I am still not well, but getting there slowly. :(


      • Feel better soon… Sending healing light and love your way. :-(


      • Thank you Elizabeth. I have been to the Dr again this morning and got told the other antibiotics the OTHER doctor gave me last week were not the right ones. So I’m on the “good stuff” now (I hope) plus a codiene cough mixture. I never used to be sick before all this visa battle stuff started. I feel I am constantly sick now – just don’t seem to have recovered my immunity and internal health at all.


  2. Glad you’re back home . . . hope you’ll be feeling more like yourself soon.

    Sleep tight with sweet dreams tonight!


    • It is a long 20 hours in the air, Nancy. That’s not including the hours hanging around the various airports! I think I am almost back to normal, at least I hope so. Still haven’t finished unpacking properly! But I’ll get there.

      It really was so good to meet you! By the way – I sent off “that” letter today!


  3. I know the feeling Robyn, it takes me about 1 week to get back to normal from an European flight (around 8 hours difference), so maybe the 1h a day makes sense. I can´t sleep in a plane either, too uncomfortable for the back, although I never experience swollen legs or feet I still worry about Deep vein thrombosis, so i try to move my legs and feet constantly…
    Someday someone will invent something better and faster than a plane that will get us across the world in a couple of hours. Glad you are back safe and sound!


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