A sick birthday and Mr O Jnr 2 had a speaking role in the school concert!

By “sick” I don’t mean the modern word for “groovy”, “kewl” or “fantastic”! I mean the swollen glands, coughing, stay-home-from-school, Ventolin type of sick.

Last night was school concert night for Miss O 2 and Mr O Jnr 2.   Miss O 2 had to have bright clothes and “mad” hair.   Mr O Jnr 2 was a Legionnaire AND a sailor.  Mr O had been a little confused about what exactly does a concert teach children!  Seems this is not something he is used to in education, but big in Australia.  I do believe he enjoyed it very much, seeing his children shine!

I dashed out of a work meeting in so to get home in time to do the mad hair art work.  Mr O was trying to enrol at CAE for ESL classes and didn’t want to be late for the kids first ever concert.  Miss O 2’s friend’s mother collected both of them at 6pm, with the rest of us to follow later.  Luckily, having lived in the area for some years, I knew a sneaky parking spot.

We got the shock of our lives: Mr O Jnr 2 had a SPEAKING PART in the concert.  Not only did he remember all his lines, but he also spoke very clearly!! Not quite an “Aussie accent”, but certainly he was clear.  We were VERY proud of him!

Miss O 2 is in a younger class, so there were no speaking parts for her: her chance will come in later years.  She looked very professional on stage in her dance troupe though!

Then Mr O Jnr 2 was right in the front row in the finale.  Guess who is going to have to buy the video!

As we walked back to the car after the show, Miss O 2 and I were standing at the lights and heard the people behind us.

“Wasn’t Mr O Jnr 2 really great?”

“He was so entertaining!”

I could see Miss O 2’s chest swelling with pride. “They are talking about my brother” she whispered.

When the lights changed she dashed across to tell the rest of the family.

The energy levels and excitment of being in the concert had carried them through – at first light this morning I was at the doctor’s with both of them.  Swollen glands for Mr O Jnr 2 and Ventolin required for Miss 2.  Day home from school – last day of term.  It has just occurred to me that probably Mr O Jnr 2’s legionnaire costume was due back at school this morning.  Damn!

It is also Miss O 2’s 10th birthday today, with plans for a movie outing with friends on Sunday evening.

As a certain Twitter follower said today, “Sounds like a typical day in the Oyeniyi household”.  Yes, HD, we know who you are! :D

When I called the school this morning I was complimented on Mr O Jnr 2’s performance, energy and confidence!

We were very proud of both of you!

Sadly, I have warned Miss O 2 we MAY have to cancel her birthday outing as her friends probably do not want to catch her virus.  When I got home tonight she assured me she is MUCH, MUCH better!  :lol: We shall see.  A week’s delay it may have to be.

No photos were allowed in the show, but here are a few snaps we took at home before the night out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mr O Jnr 1 excelled in complaining he was hungry!  Wait until we get HIS concert!

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We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

18 comments on “A sick birthday and Mr O Jnr 2 had a speaking role in the school concert!

  1. […] days after arriving in Australia. He also spoke about all the fun he had at camp, being in the concert and playing soccer for the school: the usual happy kid things.  He will miss his friends and […]


  2. Kudos to both and lucky them that you are documenting it all. ;-)


  3. Glad to hear it all went so well! Happy birthday to Miss O 2!


  4. […] O 2 finally hit double digits, turning the big 10 this week.  Tonight she celebrated in style with a cake and a trip to the movies with two friends.  A third […]


  5. Glad to hear everyone is doing better and having fun!!!! Happy birthday to Miss O 2 :)


  6. Happy Birthday to your little starlet! :D


  7. Pressed post without finishing the message.
    Hope the kids are better and happy 10th birthday to Ms O.2!


  8. I like the “sergeant pepper outfit” O jnr was wearing. Nice that they integrated into the school system so well and are happy kids! They look so proud with their special concert outfits.


  9. This reminded me of the tear I often shed at my children’s school concerts ( they were big in Ireland too, in junior school) Love the photos.


    • There is that softie coming out again! :)

      I had to take the pics against a dark background, as Mr O Jnr 2’s costume disappeared into the white walls! On reflection, out in the garden may have been better!


  10. Team O, Awesome ‘Broadway’ kids. Totally sick and kewl!


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