Date Night – with Arsenal and Chelsea!

Tonight was date night.  Mr O thought Chelsea v Arsenal started at 12:45 – it does – in England!  In Australia that is 9:45pm.  We tossed up about taping it (based on 12:45), decided against it as neither of us were in a nightclub mood.  Just a nice Thai dinner, we decided, then perhaps a few drinks in Brunswick Street and back home to watch the all important game.

We arrived at the Thai restaurant to find it packed.  They did try to fit us in, but even we could see it was very unlikely!  No, I hadn’t booked, it is just “down the road”!

It is a lovely warm night in Melbourne so we strolled back down the street to the Tin Roof.  This is a suburban street with many eateries and I have eaten at the Tin Roof many times in the past.

After we ordered dinner, it occurred to my darling man that there might be a slight time conversion involved here, and perhaps the game really started at 9:45pm our time and we hadn’t taped it.  Oooooops!

:lol: So we ate and returned home.  Short date night!  Really, that actually suits me.  I’ve had a very full day as we went to our bank today and opened bank accounts for the children/teenagers.  This has been on the agenda for MONTHS and we finally got it done today.  We stopped at the pharmacy to buy mouth guards as Mr O Jnr 2 has made the local try-outs. A trip to the local camera shop to drop Miss O 2’s disposable camera (from camp – recommended camera equipment for school camps!) off for developing.  Then it was shopping.  I finally got home at about 5pm: hardly a “day off”.   The objective this week was to buy enough meat and groceries for two weeks so all we need next week will be fruit and vegetables – so hopefully I CAN get a “day off” next week!   It just meant that I packed a lot into the day and the thought of dancing the night away until 5am in the morning is not appealing tonight.

Basically, everyone is happy!

Dinner was lovely.  While not a long evening, it was time for us to just be together, something that is all too rare with us both working and four children. Mr O was very hungry so while we waited for mains we started with some TinRoof Wedges.



For main course I chose Chilli Chicken Skewers on a salad bed. Delicious! Just the right amount of chilli and the dressing on the salad was perfect.

Chilli Chicken Skewers


Mr O chose Rissotto – of course!

Rissotto Di Mare

Rissotto Di Mare

His assessment of the rissotto was very favourable. Not being a rice eater, I’m not about to attempt to pass judgement, but if he was happy it must have been nice!

His assessment of the bill was good too! :D  “Very reasonable”, he observed.

Purchased a bottle of wine on the way home and the men of the family are now all deeply engrossed in the Arsenal v Chelsea match.  The girls are watching Titanic and I am typing this!   It is peaceful and quiet, almost! :D

Since I really don’t get into the pictures too often, while I was typing I snapped this shot with the webcam.  The lighting is weird, but I am not a photographer, so this will do.  I am seeing if the webcam still works with the aim of doing a Vlog, which I hear are all the rage these days! :lol: We shall see!

Mrs O

Mrs O

About Team Oyeniyi

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18 comments on “Date Night – with Arsenal and Chelsea!

  1. Blue flag flying high. Go Chelsea


  2. Seems the date night was a great success. Lovely picture of you :D


  3. Your webcam shot is beautiful and you look radiant.. Sometimes, I guess its fun to have a short night out and a longer night in. ;-) I’m finally catching up on blogs; about 3500 emails! Thanks for your patience! :-)


  4. I love your webcam shot. Glad you had a nice date.


  5. You look beautiful and so does that chicken salad! I’m about to jump through this computer to get some!! Ok, now I’m officially hungry…time to raid the kitchen!


  6. Glad you had an enjoyable evening :)


  7. Hubby is Chelsea mad…even went to Lisbon to watch them beat Benfica! And been out this afternnon watching the Chelsea V arsenal game :)


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