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Equality does not mean sameness

On my recent article Bullying isn’t cool, Nancy of Spirit Lights The Way commented: When we accept ourselves “as is,” we are more able to shrug off the irrelevant opinions of others. Instead of poisoning ourselves by internalizing the hate, ignorance, and fear demonstrated by the bullies of life (who are trying to make themselves […]

K for Koala

Choosing a topic for the K instalment of Our A – Z of Australia was easy.  Koala.  Oh, all right, I could have gone for Kangaroo.  That just seemed a little too easy.  Besides, I wrote about kangaroo when we had a lovely dinner. My mother chose to have her photo taken at Sydney Zoo […]

Team Oyeniyi interviewed

Team Oyeniyi have been interviewed.  Not by the mainstream media, so don’t go getting all excited for us just yet!  Through the strange channels of modern technology I happened to connect with Jill Singer,  who asked me if the children would be interested in being interviewed for a university assignment.  Jill is a lecturer in television journalism […]

Bullying isn’t cool

The Victorian Government is running an anti-bullying campaign.  As parents, bullying is something that Mr O and I watch out for signs of, as any parent should.  Fortunately, we haven’t seen any indications and the children attend schools with active anti-bullying strategies in place so we don’t expect to see any signs!  How do I know about this campaign? […]

Shopping to feed an army

Shopping to feed six on a budget can be challenging.  My family all prefer lamb over beef and in Australia lamb is the more expensive of the two.  Some weeks by a lot, some weeks by not so much!  Then then are red peppers (capsicum) which can vary in price unbelievably.  Likewise bananas. For our meat, […]

Dealing with the N word

I am reasonably conversant with the history of American slavery.  As conversant as someone who is not a student of history, from another country, can be. I know about people such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.  I’ve seen the images of black people being burnt alive or strung up. I see the stupid, […]

J for Jellyfish

We all like jelly, right?  At least when we were kids.  Oh, for American readers, jelly is not jam to us, although I understand it is to you.  Jelly for us is a dessert, usually served with ice-cream, especially after you’ve had your tonsils removed.  Jellyfish are amazingly beautiful creatures.  Translucent and in some cases […]

More paperwork as time runs out

This is an edited excerpt from Love versus Goliath.  While I have permission, pending their review of the manuscript, to use the names of our support team, we are not yet at that point, so I have removed the names.  I have also removed the names of the children (as I always do when publishing […]

Best Australian Blogs 2012

There is an annual competition run by the Sydney Writer’s Centre to find the best Australian blogs.  I entered the 2011 competition as a very new and inexperienced writer.  This year I have thrown my hat in the ring again, hoping to do slightly better.  Notice the nominee badge to the right. I know some […]

Parenting trials and tribulations!

Parenting.  That occupation for which there is no payment.  You know, the occupation that is 24/7, no overtime and all parents are required to be saints. :lol: This year the kids were warned: “OK, you’ve all had 8 months to settle in and adjust, now you knuckle down with the school work!” This week was […]


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