Statutory Declaration by a Supporting Witness Form 888 Partner Visa

Form 888 is the form completed by people willing to be supporting witnesses to a partner class visa application.  If you are looking for information about the Statement of History of Relationship, refer to Statement of History of Relationship Partner Visa 309/100. I see many, many search terms reach this site looking for what to say on a Form 888.  Form 888 is for Australia, but I am sure other countries have a similar form.  In answer to one search term this morning, yes, you may type the Form 888.  In fact typing is always better as it is clearer to read.  I have also noticed search terms asking “who is the applicant?”  The applicant is the person applying for the visa to come to Australia.

I am not a Migration Agent or a Migration Lawyer. I am unable to offer professional/formal advice. Furthermore, as MARA agents advise, all the time, on the Forums of which I am a member, each and every case is unique, so there are no umbrella statements anyone can give about what you should say in any particular case.  If you are unsure, seek professional advice.

UPDATE 2013 – This warning has just come to my attention re exact wording requirements. This involves specifying the type of relationship, eg married or de-facto. I am looking into this further as my original reference I placed here has been removed from the website in question so I need to locate another. 

What I can say when you sit down to write your statement in support of your family member’s or friend’s relationship, remember one thing above all else: the decision maker knows NOTHING about the couple in question.  You are helping to paint a picture for the decision maker of the relationship.  The advice I was given, to give my witnesses, was to tell them to write from the heart.  That made sense to me then and still does now.

If, for any reason, in your heart you do not feel the relationship is genuine, do not complete the Form 888.   Refer to my Open Letter to the Bad Guys instead!  Remember also you may be asked to write follow-up statements:

A person completing this declaration may be required to submit up to 3 separate declarations during the processing of the application to remain permanently in Australia. They may be contacted by the department for further comment and interview in relation to the information given in this form.

You are signing a legal document: there are penalties for making false statements of four years imprisonment and A$12,000 – make sure you read that part of the form!

Assuming you believe or know the relationship is genuine, then write from the heart.  Write about how long you have known the couple.  You may be a brother, sister or parent and have known your sibling or child all your or their life, but have known the partner only a short time.  You may have visited them if they are living together and witnessed them cooking meals together, sharing household tasks, cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.  While that may seem too “domestic” to write about in a statutory declaration in this particular case it is substantiation of a domestic relationship that is being sought.

Apart from the questions identifying you, the applicant and the sponsor, the main questions are pretty open-ended really.

State how you know the applicant and the applicant’s sponsor, and indicate how often you have been in contact with them

State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and his/her partner to be genuine and continuing, and give your reasons for your belief

State any other matters you wish to add

The first should be easy, after all you probably remember how you know both of them and indicating how often you are in contact should also be easy.  For example, the sponsor may be your daughter and you have met the applicant through your daughter. You may be in contact by weekly phone calls if they are overseas, or via Skype or regular emails. Be sure to indicate the frequency as “regularly” means different things to different people. If they live in Australia already, perhaps you see them weekly for Sunday lunch.

The second question may be a little harder, but don’t rush. Take you time to think about what you know about the couple. Was there a defining moment that made you smile and think “They make the perfect couple”? Write about that moment.  Have you heard them talking about having children in the future, if they don’t have any already?  Write about that.  Think of the things YOU know about this couple that proves to YOU they are in a genuine and ongoing relationship.  The very things that convinced YOU are likely to be the same things that will help convince the decision maker.

Perhaps the couple have been living overseas and you haven’t actually met the partner yet.  Have they regularly sent you photos?  Have they signed Christmas cards (or other holiday cards) to you jointly? Have you spoken on Skype?  Do YOU feel the partner is a member of your family?  Why do you feel that?  Write about it!

The third (last) question allows you to write anything else you feel will show the department the relationship is genuine.  Is there a particular event you think demonstrates their dedication to each other? If it demonstrates their love to you, it is likely to demonstrate their love to the decision maker too.

Don’t feel you have to fit what you want to say in just the spaces given on the form.  You can write more!  I am also aware of cultural issues: depending on your cultural background you may feel some things are “private” and should not be shared on such a form.  I ask you to consider carefully before excluding information on cultural grounds.  It may be the very information the decision maker is looking for.

To the actual applicant and sponsor, let me repeat what I said in Applying for a Partner Visa?:

Suggestion Number 2

Put yourself in the DIAC Delegated Decision Maker’s shoes.YOU know you are in love and have a “genuine and ongoing relationship to the exclusion of all others”. When we ourselves know this, we can expect everyone else to just accept it is fact or on minimal evidence because we know it to be true! The Decision Maker’s job is to confirm or deny our claim and a lot of this is subjective assessment. Yes, they will call it a “claim” – sounds horrible, doesn’t it? “The applicant and sponsor claim to be married”. Get used to the wording. You are no longer Jim and Nancy, you are the applicant and the sponsor. In order to confirm or deny, the Decision Maker will question everything, including who made the bed in the morning and who cooked and who ironed. We have a marriage certificate, I hear you cry. Yes, lucky you: pretty piece of paper, isn’t it? In this situation, that is all it is: a pretty piece of paper. DIAC also have an assessment methodology, but you do not know what that is, so look at everything as if YOU do not know anything about your own relationship and you are telling yourself all the gritty details.

With that in mind, my personal advice is do not do what we did and only submit two Form 888 statements.  Submit as many as you can!  OK, perhaps don’t submit 100, but submit more than two if you can!  Note that Form 888’s can only be completed by people who:

  • know both the Partner class visa applicant and their sponsor and the history of their relationship;
  • are aged 18 years or over; and
  • are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

Note also that certified copies of evidence of the citizenship or permanent resident status of the person making the statutory declaration MUST be attached.

Evidence of the person’s Australian citizenship or Australian permanent resident status must be attached to this form (for example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport containing a permanent visa). Such evidence must show the current name of the person making the declaration.

If the couple are unable to have Australians complete Form 888s, it is possible to have overseas people complete statements.  This is stated on the form:

If you are outside Australia and are unable to get an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident to complete a statutory declaration in support of your  relationship with your partner, you may obtain statements from people who know you and your sponsor. Such statements are not statutory declarations under  Australian law. However, in accordance with policy, they should be witnessed or certified according to the legal practices of the relevant country. Failing that, they should be witnessed by a person whose occupation or qualification is comparable to those listed above. This person should sign, date and specify their occupation at the bottom of the statement.

The Form 888 is not a scary document.  All you really have to do is write what you know and write from the heart.  If you are in ANY doubt at all, please seek professional advice.

Since this article was originally written, on-line applications have been introduced. A preliminary update can be found at UPDATE: Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Applications. A subsequent, more complete, update written by a reader has been published at Online Partner Visa Applications – Subcalass 309/100.

If you have found this article helpful, please consider buying the book!

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134 comments on “Statutory Declaration by a Supporting Witness Form 888 Partner Visa

  1. Hi there,
    I’m currently applying for the 309 visa. My husband lives in Nigeria and we have been together 1 year. We recently got married there.
    1.he was deported from Malaysia – the school he had attended failed to extend his visa. I have emailed the school directly for explanation and to take some sort of responsibility – I’m currently going back and forth with them and I have this on email. Is this enough to show immigration? and will this affect his application for Australia?
    2.I have character references provided by his best friend and family member – written on normal paper. does this need to be signed by JP?
    3.We haven’t lived together/share bills – is a statutory declaration explaining why ok?
    4.My friends who have written out the form 888 – does the case officer contact them?
    5.does he need to provide a police report from Nigeria? or only in Malaysia where he’s lived for more than 2 years?
    Please help – stuck!!!


    • Hi JayJay,

      My apologise for my late response. Overall, I suggest you see professional advice.

      1. I do not know, but “migration history” is, I believe, taken into account.
      2. Were you asked for character references specifically? In 2010 they were not a requirement but may be now. The department do their own character checks.
      3. That is the logical think to do, yes. We hadn’t lived together either.
      4. The case officer MAY contact the people who made Form 888 declarations, as stated on the form.
      5. Whether or not he is required to provide one from Nigeria (it depends on various residency criteria) I would certainly provide one.

      Not much help I am afraid. Seek professional advice as your case sounds a little complex on the face of it.


      • thank you so much for your help!!!
        i was wondering if you are able to have a look at our documents and see what your thoughts are?


      • No JayJay, I am sorry, I am not able to do that. I am not a migration agent or lawyer.


      • Does form 888 need to be sign by a JP? and can they provide a copy of their australian passport instead of Australian citizenship?


      • I think you may have misread the requirements of the form.

        The person completing the form must provide a certified copy of identification as follows.

        The person completing this form must provide evidence of their
        current name, age and, where applicable, Australian citizenship
        or Australian permanent residency (for example, a certified copy
        of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport
        containing a permanent visa). All copies must be certified.

        The person witnessing the signature doesn’t have to be a JP, it can be any of the following prescribed persons.

        Prescribed persons include those who are a:
        • Justice of the Peace;
        • medical practitioner;
        • legal practitioner;
        • civil marriage celebrant or registered minister of religion;
        • dentist;
        • nurse;
        • optometrist;
        • pharmacist;
        • physiotherapist;
        • full-time teacher;
        • bank manager or bank officer with 5 or more continuous
        years of service;
        • postal manager or permanent employee of the Australian
        Postal Commission with 5 or more continuous years of service;
        • police officer; or
        • public servant with 5 or more continuous years of service.
        A full list of prescribed persons can be found on the
        Attorney-General’s Department website.

        Details from http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/888.pdf


  2. Hi! I am about to submit my partner visa (820), when do I send evidence and stat decs? I can’t find an attachment button. Does the department ask me for evidence later in the process after I have submitted the application?

    Thanks!!! :)


  3. Hello, we’re in the process of submitting a prospective visa application as my finace is an Australian resident and I live in Jordan, my question is about the statutory declarations from people who know about our relationship, as I live in Jordan, we couldn’t get Australians to fill form 888, can my family in jordan write statements and where can we get them certified?


    • Surely someone in Australia knows of your relationship?

      There is advice in the Partner Migration Booklet for people living overseas. Also the Immigration website has details of overseas offices where you can get documents certified in various countries, such as Australian embassies/consulates etc.

      Download the Partner Booklet is my advice. Also some processes have changed since we did our application, so it is best you consult the current department advice about provisions for overseas declarations.


      • Thanks for your quick reply, we have people know of our relationship but haven’t met me in person as I have never been to Australia before.
        Anyway, wish us luck :)


      • Thay don’t have to have met you Manal, just have good knowledge of your relationship. You will, in your case, need overseas declarations as well, which the booklet I mentioned discusses. It is always good to have some declarations from Australia so your partner can show the relationship is not being hidden from his friends, co-workers etc.


  4. Hi, i have a problem pls help me.i am a permanent resident in australia, and i am a filipino citizen. Iam now overstaying here in the phil. And i want to go back to aus. Since arrival january 2013 until now im here in the phil.I dont know what to do. I already emailed the DIBP but until now they didnt reply.thanks for helping me


  5. Hiii I have a problem here, I applied for a off shore partner visa, got married in Australia, iam the applicant. so I got form888 sign from 2 people. I was in a rush so got from a family friend who dosent know that I got married but know like me and my girl friend are in de facto relationship. so immigration rang him yesterday and asked him like are they married, he said to the case officer that they are in de facto relation ship. until now he dosent know that me and my girl friend are married. when the case officer asked me like why you didn’t said him, I just replied that I didn’t said because he know my parents,and my parents wont agree for this marriage.
    will this affect my application or what can I do know, totally confused. plz help me
    thank you


    • This could be a problem but equally it may not be. If you are really concerned I suggest you get your wife to seek professional advice here in Australia. Did you do the application yourself?

      Try not to stress too much. Waiting is stressful enough. Best idea is to seek a professional opinion.

      Best wishes!


  6. Thanks for your help
    I will contact.
    I would like to know what to do before I will contact them, if one of you knows it. I think there are many people in this forum who can tell me to do?

    I still need your help. I know that you can not give me legal advice so please tell me what you know about that.

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Hi everyone
    I have applied spouse visa on 10/02/2014 at Australian Visa office in Addis ababa Ethiopia they sent me acknowledgement letter after 7days when I lodged. In that letter there is a statement and it says,
    A checklist is attached to this letter. Please read carefully and provide any requested documents you have not already provided when lodging the application. There are also other statements which is contradiction to the above one in my understanding . First says, If you do not hear from us for a while do not be concerned. You will be contacted by your case officer about any additional information or documents that may be required in order to make a decision on your application. Please be aware that the department may make a decision on your application without requesting additional information. Therefore you should provide us with all the information you feel is relevant. A chechlist has been provided at the end of this letter. Please ensure that any documents on this checklist which you have not yet submitted and submitted to this office.

    It is two months from now when I lodged and I am still wait asking additional information from them.

    So dear all can I submit all my missing documents like police chech and other documents that I have not submitted yet or do I wait until my case officer will ask additional documents?

    I need your help and advice if one you has experienced like this sitaution.


    • Was there a date by which you needed to submit documents?

      It is difficult for me to comment as I am not up-to-date with current processing procedures.

      I suggest you contact them and ask for clarification.

      It suggest they want the documents on the checklist now. The statement in the letter about requesting other documents is just to let you know they may later ask for documents not mentioned on the checklist if they deem it necessary.


  8. Hi… thanks for the nice advise, I have received form 888 from my family and friend. I am applying online and there is no tab wherein I can attach these forms. Please advise where to attach the scanned copy of these forms in online application. Applying for 2nd stage PR- spouse visa.


    • Hi Mobby, I am sorry I do not know. We did not do ours on-line and as I have no on-line account, I cannot see the user interface.

      I have written an update article about the on-line system, but it won’t answer your question.

      I can only suggest you call them and ask them to step you through the interface.


      • Hi, thanks for replying my msg. I m doing my statutory declaration now. By the way I m waiting the letter of acknowledgement, I have got the receipt but I need that letter to apply my Medicare right! Do you know how long does it take process to get the letter acknowledgment after I submit my statutory aknowledgement? Because I m going to apply Medicare.

        Thanks for your response.


      • Julia unless the regulations have changed, the visa needs to be granted before you can apply for Medicare. What visa are you applying for? You sound as if you are in Australia already: I don’t know much about specific regulations for on-shore applications. We were off-shore.

        I don’t think you would get acknowledgement until you have submitted ALL the documentation for the application.

        Perhaps you should call the department to clarify your situation.

        Has your husband/partner submitted his forms yet?


      • Hi, I m applying partner visa. I have completed my form and his form and attached all docs. Yup I think need to wait as it is written 7 days working. I will wait until next week to call. Just wonder my friend applied in person then got the acknowledgement straight away. I applied online and status ” in progress” . Hope I get asap that letter and no any changing the rules ;-). Thanks so much for your response ad It really helps me and because of reading your blog , I know that I have to submit the form 888. We have done the statutory declaration personally by my witnesses without form.

        Thank you


    • Hi Mobby, I lodged my visa 2 days ago via online. But I just got receipt only without letter of acknowledgement. And I didn’t input the form 888. Just personal statement. I m going to ask them to fill it for me after reading these information.


  9. Hi!

    Well your reply was very quick. Thanks a lot for the help and wishes.

    Great work!


  10. Hi, Your article is very great and helpful! I still have some doubts regarding the form 888 and the other supporting documents for the visa application subclass 820. Me and my boyfriend are in a relationship since almost 9 years now but are in de facto since last 2 years. Can we show old photos and facebook posts and other personal emails for proving the genuinity of our relationship? Also what other documents can be shown for proving the social aspect of our relationship?

    For the from 888, do the people signing the doc need to use the word de facto often for explaining our relationship?


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  12. Hi Mark,
    I applied 820/801 on Aug 2010, and got my 820 on July 2013.
    The grant visa 820 letter said to wait to hear from them for request for further information for the 801.
    6 mths has passed, and I have not heard from them.
    A total of 2 yrs 5mths from when I 1st applied.

    Q.1. Do I go online and apply? now that they have online for 801?
    Q.2 What are the docs I need to attach online?
    Q.3 I have actually asked my witnesses to fill in the 888 forms and the stat. declar forms filled in by me n my partner,4-5 mths ago.
    Are they consider still valid to be attached?
    Q.4 Anything scanned in colour still have to be certified true copies?

    Thanks so much Mark.


    • Sandra, have you entered Australia yet? There is a lot not clear from your questions, I suggest you consult a professional to clarify the specifics of your case.

      Also there is no Mark on this website.


  13. Sorry (design) I mean sign.


  14. Hi all

    I want to know who can witness about Partner visa app. Firstly, Can every Australian Citizen or Permanant resident who knows my wife and me will design my statutory declaration for partner visa app?
    Secondly, Is it problem that the two persons who making stat dec are not living the state where my wife lives or its not important which state they live?
    I need your help if someone has experience to my current situation.
    Thank in advance.


  15. Hi all

    I am applying partner visa 309 offshore I would like to include my applications personal particulars for assessment including character assessment (form80) so there are several forms which was designed this Jully and November and its different. Some are Department of Immigratio and Citizenship and others are Department of Immigration and Border Protection but it’s numbers are same (form80).

    1: My first question is which one should I print?
    2: Which designed date will I print out?
    3: Which department’s form is applicable who is applying partner visa (309/100) subclass?
    Thank you in advance.


  16. post are very informative. thank you for the ideas. very helpful…


      • Hi Im 2yrs now from my 309 visa should I wait DIBP to cantact me for the checklist for my 100 visa or just submit all documents in the immi checklist website for 100 visa?


      • There is a checklist on the immi website now? I will have to check this out as when we did it, it was all a mystery until we were contacted, but we were contact just before the 2 years was up from the date of application for 309/100 (you actually apply for both at the same time). I will get back to you after I check the site. Alternatively, just call them and ask.


      • Arvin, I have had a look at the immi website and if you are referring to the checklist here http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/309-100.aspx that is for the original 309 application (or if you qualified to apply for the 100 immediately with no 309 stage). As far as I can see, there has been no major change to the 100 process (of waiting until they contact you), but you can call them and ask.


  17. Hi! Thank you for the great information in the article.

    Could you please also comment. There is an instruction at the top of the Form 888 and other forms: ‘Please use a pen, and write neatly in English using BLOCK LETTERS.’
    Is this a mandatory rule to complete these forms in writing or they can be filled in on a computer?

    Thank you.



    • Hi Ana,

      Our Form 888s were typed but back then it was not possible to save them if you typed them, so it was type and print straight away. Very annoying I found.

      If any organisation expects everything to be handwritten in this day and age I strongly suggest they need to pull themselves into this century in a hurry!

      Having said that, if in doubt ring them and ask because they could change regulations at any time. I doubt they would go backwards in time re technolofy, but I’m not prepared to guarantee it! :)


  18. Hello.
    I was just reading your article and finding it very helpful. I have a couple of questions. my girlfriend is in Argentina and we are applying for a Partner visa what is the normal waiting time for processing if you have all the correct information in the application?
    Also is the form 888 up to date because my girlfriend is now telling me that this is an old form?
    I hope not.


    • Hi Jason, the processing times vary from country to country and office to office. There is a page on the Immigration website that gives approximate times.

      As for the Form 888 the link in the above article is to the current form.

      My article is generic in nature, I haven’t double checked for any subtle wording changes this year. Always read the current form carefully and the current partner visa booklet.

      Regulations and forms do change frequently and I don’t update these general articles for every change.

      Glad you have found it helpful, thank you. :)


      • Your speedy reply is most grateful. You would know how long it takes for a reply from the embassy.
        All this hard work to gather information to find out is the wrong forms would be a disappointment to say the least.
        Going to order this book and have a read.



      • Thank you if you are referring to my book! :) If you are referring to the Partner Visa Booklet, you can download it directly from the Immigration website.


      • Yes I am referring to your book :) already had a read of the booklet before filling out application. It is a big booklet but has a lot of handy information that might speed up the process. All I can do now is roll the dice and see how we go :)
        Thanks a lot.



  19. I am applying partner visa 820 in Perth, for the statutory declaration from 888, can I ask my sister in China and my brother-in-law in China to sign for me? because both me and my fiance do not have family and relatives in Australia, and do not have close common friends who can sign that form 888 for us.
    Thank you


    • Hi Kam,

      The Partner Visa booklet provides clear instructions around the stat decs for people who have difficulty finding Australian citizens/residents to be supporting witnesses. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1127.pdf pages 27 to 29.

      As I read the booklet, you must have Australian citizens/residents provide supporting evidence as you are in Australia.

      I strongly suggest you consult a registered migration agent with your question.


  20. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your helpful information. I guess everyone will eventually come to this stage of massive panicky moments. :)

    My case/question is: In regards to the 2 witnesses for form 888 for the second-stage partner visa(first stage was offshore but we are currently onshore now), can I use 2 witnesses whom both of them are a married couple(husband & wife-resident)?

    Most of their written ‘storyline for part 3,4 and/or 5′ will be almost/most probably identical (maybe in different wordings) as we (my partner and I) usually meet with both of them together at the same time. Will this be an issue?

    And, thanks for your advice, I will try to find more friends as witnesses. We do not have much close friends since recently moving downunder. But what ‘if’ the case above, any comment/advice?

    Thank you and I hope this question will benefit others who are in the same boat as well.


    • Hi Finne,

      If I understand you correctly, you are doing the second stage for sub-class 100?

      We didn’t have to submit any Form 888 for the second stage, just names and contact details of two people who could be contacted.

      If you have been asked for Form 888 for the second stage, I would suggest you try to get unrelated people as this demonstrates more of the community knows about your relationship.

      Best wishes!


      • Hi! Thanks for replying.
        I am curious why you didn’t have to submit forms888 for second stage. I saw form888 in the requirement checklist and they need 2 of it.

        Did you speak to your case officer directly and your CO said no form888 is needed ?



      • It is possible they have different checklists for different cases. I don’t know but just follow your checklist. It is possible they have changed the checklist. Regulations etc do change from time to time. No I didn’t speak to the CO re Form 888 it just wasn’t on the checklist for us. Maybe this site was considered sufficient? :D


      • do i have to necessarily submit another 888 forms(ive submitted already in my visa 309 application) found in checklist i downloaded from the website in the DIBP letter or just the names & contact numbers of 2 persons which is to go with the additional application requirements


      • We were not asked for 888s for the 100. Just two names on the form.

        But they may have changed back or the checklist is out of date.

        You need to clarify with the Partner Permanent office directly.


  21. Is a drivers licence an acceptable form of identification for someone filling out the 888 form ??


  22. Thanks so much for your article, it’s been most helpful! I just have a quick question:
    I have some friends filling in the 888 form for us right now, and they want to know if it is necessary for them to break up their answers into the 3 sections:

    3) State how you know the applicant and applicant’s partner etc…
    4) State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and partner to be genuine etc…
    5) State any other matters you wish to add in support… etc.

    Or is it ok for them to just write one clear and concise page answering all of the above questions together and attach this document (certified) to the certified form? I know it’s ok to attach additional pages, but is it ok to answer all the questions together in one page?



    • Gemma, on page 27 of the current edition of the Partner Migration Booklet http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1127.pdf it says:

      While it is not mandatory, for this purpose, Form 888 …

      So while it would seem you could make a standard type Stat Dec, it seems to me DIAC might like that form!

      Just note the seemingly “new” requirement I link to in the article above, about very specific wording relating to the nature of your relationship. While the form doesn’t specifically ask the question, it seems it is expected to be answered!


  23. hi , i just want to ask about the app partner visa, beacuse me and my partner were applying
    partner visa , we completed all the requirements already… im here in the philippines, where will i lodge it?


  24. thank you so much for creating this page robyn.. very helpful… just wanna ask, if prospective marriage visa subclass 300 (fiancee visa) necessarily needs statutory declaration form 888 or it is enough or okey that my two friends in austalia will make a letter in plain paper addressed to australian embassy? thank you…


  25. Hi Robyn..i have a question..Do the statuary declarations need to be witnessed?



  26. hi i need help to complete the form


    • I am not a MARA, I am unable to provide you with any specific advice. If sll you need is to know whose name goes where on the form, I can help you with that! I emailed you, let me know.


  27. hello TEAM! where is the best way to pay the visa fees in australia or thailand? because im lodging my application in thailand..but my husband said he wants to pay in australia..need help pls


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  30. thank you for the link..sorry i have some questions coz i asked the the agent but the payment very expensive, i done more working visa alone before and i passed all the interview thats why i am confident i could pass all.and only confused me because working and spouse very different.. lolz!


    • Very different! You have to convince the department your marriage is real. There is a form for everything! Plus in interviews they ask very personal questions – or can do!

      Where are you lodging you application?


      • hehehhe i wish i could do all alone with your advice it helps me a lot..thank you very much..i apply here in the philippines but next year so i can prepared more.


  31. hello team! again makes me confuse..if i submit the 47sp do i need to include the 40sp also? It makes me confused about the forms i need to submit,




    • Yes, Sher, family or friends who are Australian citizens or permanent residents who can tell DIAC about your relationship. They need to complete the form and swear it before an appropriate person.


      • thanks for the reply..i still have some questions i really need help because its my firstime to do this.
        1. is it possible to apply both visa, spouse visa and tourist visa at the same time?


      • about the witness.. that means each person making the witness needs each form 888?


      • Yes, Sher, each person being a witness needs their own form.


      • Hey Sher – Yes my partner and I applied for 3 tourist visa’s while we were putting together our spouse visa, I also stated on the final tourist visa form that we were also working on a spouse visa for submission. The tourist visa was approved and im really happy to say the spouse visa was too. I think just be open and honest in the visa forms so they know what you are working towards.


      • Sher, be careful with this. While Mark had no problems, the view taken by DIAC can be very different for different people. I know of a married couple where the husband could not get a tourist visa – and they had three children and had been together for years.

        Each case is different and assessed accordingly. It is possible you MAY be seen as a visa over-stay risk, for instance, but this can depend on your country of residence and many other factors. You should seek professional advice if in doubt. Search through the answers on this forum: http://forum.migrationhelp.com.au/forumdisplay.php?s=8d26b505398936c41f01ceded4ed36f0&f=54 where you may find the question has been asked before.

        You may be perfectly fine, but don’t assume because someone else was, you will be. Every case is different, as I said.

        Remember I am not a migration agent, I am suggesting you get the advice of someone who is who can review the details of your case.

        Also, given your husband is an Australian citizen, get him to do more of the paperwork for you!!! :)


      • hi mark..is it helpfull if my passport have a active visa like u.s visa italian visa? because i am a seawoman is it also helpfull if i went on different places around the world?


    • I had 4 friends to 888 forms, basically explaining the story of how my fiance and I met, the time we have spend together, time they have spent with us, saying they have seen us in a happy home, making dinner, laughing, going our and away together. It really needs to show you are a couple and have a normal couple life, just make sure any dates and venues all are the same on all the forms. They should be signed at a police station where a Justice of the Peace resides or at the local law courts.


    • thanks team oyeniyi! im checking now that website..its very helpfull for the firstimer like me…


      • Good, I am glad you found it useful. The MARA people there give good advice too. Advice much better than mine generally, as they know the legislation: I only know about our specific case and a few other cases where I have been in contact with the people.


  33. could anybody help me? when applying for a spouse visa is there a expire date on the stat decs, how long after they have been sighned by a JP can we use them.


    • Karl, I suggest you post your question on one of the forums I link to on the Partner/Spouse Visa page. I have not heard of stat decs having an expiry date, so I suggest you ask the experts.


  34. I’m Australian and my boy friend (defacto) is Irish we are going through the whole process at the moment. I have a friend that is going to fill out the 888 form for me but her married name is not on her passport can she just get a copy of her marriage cert to show that she is the person on the passport?

    Any help would be greatful.



    • Hi Rebecca,

      The wording on the Form 888 is pretty clear, I believe:

      Evidence of the person’s Australian citizenship or Australian
      permanent resident status must be attached to this form (for
      example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian
      passport or passport containing a permanent visa). Such
      evidence must show the current name of the person making
      the declaration.


  35. Thanks for your informative help


  36. Hi Robyn… As an immigrant and now a JP, I understand that statutory declarations would be accepted from anywhere in the world, but Form 888 is the official Australian document for Australians citizens to vouch for the couple in question. Providing the forms are witnessed by a relevant State qualified JP, they are acceptable. I sent in documentation from people in the UK – eg. cards and letters to both Alan and me as a couple which added to the proof that we were in a stable relationship. I also had several Forms 888 sent from WA as well as Queensland where we live. If you like, I’ll do a stat dec for John and you. Just say the word and it will be there. My immigration officer told me to treat it like a school project and collect anything that showed I had integrated into Australian society. We took photographs on every social occasion with friends and listed the clubs/societies I had joined since I arrived in Australia. (My adult tap dancing class, photos included and the writing clubs I joined). Just put anything and everything in there. Alan and I wrote accounts of our love for each other too. Just go for it, dear friends!


    • Hi Vera! Lovely to see you. This article was written with the original visa application in mind, not the second stage. The form states DIAC much prefer stat decs from Australians, although there is provision for overseas stats decs if the couple are unable to have confimation provided by Australians (e.g. living overseas for many years, etc.). The MRT hearing was a different matter – confirmation from anywhere!

      Oh yes, we supplied anything and everything with our application and I have no doubt we will do so again with the final sub-class 100 step.


  37. quick question: we are living in australia are mariied.. could my parents from europe also write a statement? (they are non australian citizen)


    • Chris, I honestly do not know, but let’s put it this way, it can’t hurt to have a statement from your parents. My reading of the form is that they expect statements from Australian’s for the reasons stated on the form and they allow for overseas statements on the basis some couples would be living overseas and may not be able to get Australian statements. Perhaps you could call and ask DIAC directly as given you are both living here, you will be submitting an on-shore application.

      If you post this question on one of the forums I link to on http://teamoyeniyi.com/partner-visa-denied/ a registered migration agent will probably have the answer for you.

      We only submitted Australian citizen forms and we only submitted two – I don’t think it was enough, we should have submitted more.


  38. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge! A great community service. I am currently living in Cambodia and have a Nigerian partner and was wondering about the paperwork if I choose to return to Australia, even for an extended visit with my man. Current and historic attitudes to immigration there are a disincentive (saw a doco on the White Australia Policy the other day on the Australia Network, truly embarrassing!).
    I knew it would be daunting… hmm, this has made me more mindful of being prepared.
    thanks again :-)


    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It is lovely to know I have helped someone.

      I wish you the best for your application. I will point out if you have been together for three years and can prove that conclusively, you should be fine. It is shorter term relationships that run into the most problems, I believe.


  39. Thank you so much, really appreciate the advice, I am going through this now, you are very kind for documenting all of this, so very much appreeciated.


  40. this is very helpful. Thank You.


  41. Its a great article and I will be directing some of my less imaginative friends here to help them with writing mine. Thankyou


  42. Hope this helps those that need to read it…


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