Our first Christmas Day together

What a change from last Christmas Day!

Let’s deal with the first question puzzling everyone first.  Why would a family group with only one possible Christian member (I’ve never asked my daughter’s mother-in-law, but she is a possibility!) celebrate Christmas?  The answer is simple: for many, many Australians, even if they are not Christian, Christmas is a time of families getting together and celebrating just being together.  Just about everything is closed, not even Coles or Safeway are open  Christmas Day.  Commercialism finally takes a break after the weeks and weeks of trying to convince us to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND on our loved ones!

Melanie and Drew asked us up to a park in Kyneton for Christmas lunch.  Many Australians spend Christmas Day having BBQs or picnics at beaches or in parks around the country.  Drew also had the great idea (I should have thought of it) of buying the kids a Totem Tennis set and the boys brought their soccer ball with them (of course!).  There was another large family group in the same park who set up a soccer game and our kids all formed part of the teams.  Dad joined in the second game and I hear tell he was considered a little TOO good a player as one of the kids said to one of mine, “Why did you bring your Dad in, it isn’t fair”.  Probably wasn’t, as Dad’s team won 5 – 0.  I wish I had a video of little Miss O 2 giving Mr O Jnr 2 a run for his money to get the ball – they were on opposing teams and there was NO WAY she was giving up without a fight.

Before the social match, Dad and sons had been having a bit of a family kick.  I love this shot!

Family Soccer

Family Soccer

And this one!

Family at play

Family at play

Drew felt a bit over-heated after joining into the soccer madness so soon after eating and Melanie dropped him home for a shower and a rest. Drew came back later a much healthier specimen!  It was a very sunny day. This became clear much later in the day!

Melanie has a MUCH superior camera to mine, but I don’t have her shots from the day yet, so I’ll publish a slide show when I DO get the shots off her! She still owes me the shots taken at the airport on June 3, 2011 so I’ll try to get both events off her later this week.

Melanie did post this video on YouTube of our budding singers!  There is minimal dancing, sadly, as Miss O 2 is quite the dancer when she fires up!

We put up the marquee we have bought for the beach as a trial run and it worked very well.  We even managed not to lose the instructions!  The new folding chairs got a good work-out as well.

The weather was perfect so it was very surprising to drive back to the city to discover leaves all over the city streets.  I commented to Mr O that there must have been strong winds go through.  We arrived home, I parked the car, walked up to the front fence to discover we had a White Christmas!

White Christmas in Melbourne

White Christmas in Melbourne

That, folks, is hail. It was 21 C (that’s 70 F) and ice had fallen from the sky!  Bizzare!  The kids were very disappointed as they had missed this great hail event: Dad had been telling them they hadn’t seen hail yet and now it arrived, they had missed it.  Never fear, nature didn’t let them down as it hailed again about an hour later.

One of the side indicator lights on Mr O’s car had actually been dislodged by the storm, but we suffered no other damage.  The light was easily clipped back into place.  How different the weather was a mere 45 minute drive away!

About 8.30pm I suddenly started shivering.  I was freezing.  I couldn’t even finish a cigarette, I felt so sick.  Every muscle in my body ached.  Yes, you got it: I had a touch of sunstroke!  So here I was with sunstroke and we had ice falling from the sky!  Clearly Drew had caught his in time because he’d been playing soccer: I had not.  So plenty of fluids later and much temperature checking to make sure I could handle recovery at home with a couple of Panadol, I felt fine, although Mr O still said I felt quite warm when he came to bed.

Mr O was quite worried about me as to him shivering and a fever usually means malaria or something similar.  The concept of sunstroke was just not something he had ever come across.  Trying to explain to the children that really, I was fine, it is just white people have to be much more careful in the sun than they do was a challenge!   Mr O made the comment that it made him realise just how important water is to the body’s functions.  I hadn’t drunk enough and I’d been sitting in the sun without a hat – both BIG no-nos in this country!  Slip, slop slap folks!

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

12 comments on “Our first Christmas Day together

  1. This is amazing! I was sick over the holiday weekend too and running 103 fever… The gathering of family and the photos are beautiful… I hope you are feeling better. I’m on the mend too… and will catch up on any posts I missed… You know I do.
    Happy Holidays to all of you! :-)


    • I know you will! Glad to hear you are on the mend. A temperature of 103F is very high! I am sorry your holiday weekend was spent sick.

      My sunstroke didn’t last long at all – my sunburn, on the other hand, which I managed to get a mere 4 days later, is another story altogether! I was SO STUPID!!!


  2. A fun day but I cannot get over the weirdness of Christmas in summer. So very, very strange. :-)


  3. YAY for Christmas as a family! Be careful with drinking that water! I’ve been on the verge of sunstroke before, and it’s not fun, so I know how miserable you were feeling! It’s awful when you know what you need most importantly is water but drinking it makes you nauseous . . .


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  5. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day… TOGETHER! I have a cousin that lived in Australia for a few years. I always found it so interesting that people would spend Christmas B-B-Q-ing on the beach. So different than the snowy, postcard Christmas’s that we have here.


    • Thanks, Steve! Yes, even we have snowy Christmas cards, which I have never fathomed at all. I must say those have started to disappear over the last decade, now Santa is often depicted on the beach with a surf board!

      I hope your cousin enjoyed the BBQs on the beach!


  6. […] Our first Christmas Day together (teamoyeniyi.com) […]


  7. Hope you’re fully recovered today!

    I had a L~O~N~G sleep (10 hours) to recuperate from all our festivities. :D


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