Mr O graduates!

Mr O had a lovely lunch and a few drinks (we’ll make an Aussie of him yet :D) to celebrate finishing his course.  He deserved it.  This is a man who had not studied for 25 years.  He arrived in a new country just six months ago and plunged into a course with English as his second language, in a field of endeavour he had never studied before.  We don’t have his results transcript yet, but we know he passed and the teachers have stated their willingness to be referees on his resume.

I’m proud of him as my husband and proud of him as an asylum seeker.   He was an asylum seeker when I met him and to a certain degree I will always see his achievements in that light.  It is my husband’s history, it is part of what makes him who he is: to ignore his past would be ignoring part of him.  I think he has achieved an amazing amount in six months. 

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S, my darling husband.  Well Done!

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30 comments on “Mr O graduates!

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  2. […] out on a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate.  When I got home, Mr O had also received his graduation certificate in the mail: two reasons to have a glass of champagne […]


  3. […] we all know, Mr O received his Certificate II in Horticulture and is now seeking an adult apprenticeship.  January was very quiet on the job […]


  4. […] plates (allowed to learn to drive) before then end of June.  Enrolled in full-time study to gain Certificate II in Horticulture and completed that early December 2011.  Passed his driving test on January 18, 2012.  That is a […]


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  6. Congratulations to him! I am so proud of his achievement and it couldn’t have been easy. As any immigrant to a new country can attest to, the adjustment is always quite challenging. Kudos!


  7. Great Stuff – Congratulations on a great step forwards :-) I hope he wasn’t drinking that dreadful Fosters stuff you Aussies send over here ;-)


  8. Congratulations to the whole family. Mr O has specially achieved a lot in a short 6 months, well done to him! It´s always hard starting over in a new country, new rules, new language, different mentalities…so it´s nice to see the kids and your husband have done so well.


  9. Congratulations Mr O! You’re a winner on many fronts.


  10. Well done to Mr O.

    Fingers crossed he is able to find a job quickly. Can’t believe it’s been six months – time has flown!


    • We hope so Pip. We are hopeful there might be a few apprenticeships available as it is the end of the school year, but it also clashes with the “silly season” when no much recruitment goes on. We’ll have to see how we go.


  11. Congrats John. Well done for all your hard work. After all that you and your family have been through to get to where you are today, this result is just that extra bit special :)


  12. Well done, John and well done, Robyn in sharing John’s achievements with us all. Having watched your journey for a while, I feel a sense of pride for you both. Hoping to see you in January.


  13. Woo-Hoo! Congratulations!


  14. Congrats to Mr. O. on his accomplishment. He serves as an excellent examples for the children to model. You also are to be commended for your love, support, and strength.


  15. Wow!! Such wonderful news! Congratulations…your family works as one powerful unit!


  16. Hey Team O, A round of foot-stomping hearty applause… serious congrats.


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