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Human Rights Commission case closed

Today we received the final decision from the Australian Human Rights Commission re my complaint.  To cut to the chase, under their jurisdiction the complaint is considered resolved because my husband was finally granted a visa.  This is not the Commission’s fault – under their powers it seems that is all they can do.  I […]

Computer Viruses and Motherhood

The joys of having an as yet non-technical family.  Mr O has an old laptop that we had raised from the dead due to the increased number of users in the house. He asked me to look at it as it wasn’t working very well.  No, it wasn’t.  I spent five hours last night cleaning […]

Organising Team Oyeniyi

Organisation seems to be a common theme recently.  Ten days ago I visited Integrated Memoirs and read a very simple idea on Honey…. Would you…? which I have adopted.  A couple of days later, Momfog was publishing her determination to organise her household in The Momfog Manifesto.  Momfog has one more than we do, so I empathise! […]

Mums are allowed to brag about their kids!

I think this places me firmly in the “Mom Blog” category, at least for this article! All the children are doing really well at school: Miss O 1 received this in one of her workbooks this week!  Bear in mind Miss O 1 has been in an Australian school less than two months, so we […]

Thankful for what we have

As regular readers know I have complained, some might say somewhat loudly, about our dramas over the last few years.  The last two days have both had small, but important milestones.  Last night Mr O reversed out of our driveway cleanly in one go!  This was a major step in the learning to drive progress […]

School has changed!

I accept it is a while since I had children at school and back then I had fewer of them at school.  Exactly half as many, in fact. The amount of paperwork/notes that come home for this, that and the next thing astound me! Currently I have notices for: Bat Tennis Bat Sale x 2. […]

Roast Lamb and Gravy

We’ve had a major food win!  Nigerians LOVE lamb, as do New Zealanders,  so roast lamb has been a Sunday staple.  However, Mr O and I have had some difficulty convincing the children that homemade gravy is a good thing.  Yes, that is right, all you cooks of mouth-watering dishes that I read about.  I […]

Two more sad cases

Over the last 24 hours two more sad partner visa cases have come to light.  Sad for entirely opposite reasons. The first is a case where, on the information I have available to date, it looks as if the visa should never have been granted, as the husband (the applicant) is alleged to be behaving […]

Homework or swimming – life decisions!

I am smiling as I write this.  Messrs O Jnr 1 and 2 have booked me for homework help.  It is also Sunday, the day I usually take the clan swimming (IF they have been good, of course! :D). I said to Mr O Jnr 1 that as he had booked first, we would do […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Gigi of Edge of the Refuge mentioned a favourite movie of hers and mine in a comment on Horror and Hope.   Gigi mentioned the monologue and I realised I couldn’t remember it, it is a long while since I watched the movie.  So I did the only thing possible: I went to YouTube, as you do! :lol: […]


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