Another step forward in a new life!

Today was another personal step forward in Mr O’s new life.  Much of my publishing of late has focussed on our four children, so this article focusses on the man at the centre of this whole journey: my husband!

Another step to a new life
Another step to a new life

My camera skills were are little off this morning, but I did catch a happy smile! 

Today Mr O started a vocational course.  We debated long and hard about what he would do.  I know that if time was on our side, Mr O’s choice would have been to become an electrician.  However, given the number of years required to pursue that goal, he has settled for Horticulture.   This is also something he enjoys, he had just never thought of it as a possible career before coming to Australia. 

I really did not want to influence his choice of new career, as I believe what a person does for a living should be, if at all possible, something that person enjoys!  I found it very hard to share my thoughts on the choice with him, without feeling I was possibly influencing him.  

For those readers joining us late in our journey, this is Mr O’s first opportunity since 2004 to live a normal life.  There are links in the sidebar to The History of Team Oyeniyi for those wanting the back story, or check out the first (DRAFT) chapter of the book Love versus Goliath.  Consequently today was a big day for him.   He has had many steps to a new life over the last 19 or so months: meeting me, our marriage, staying safe while we fought to be together, coming to Australia with our children and now starting a whole new career.   I am immensely proud of my husband for his fortitude during the difficult and dangerous years and his ambition to build a new career from scratch.  He is a wonderful husband and a truly inspiring father.  I wish him every success in his newest venture!  Triumph over adversity!  Now that I have embarrassed him totally, I’ll tone it down a bit!
Mr O was a little camera-shy (MOST unusual for him), but I did eventually convince him we had shots of everyone else’s “first day”, we needed one of his too!  Then after the convincing I took shots out of focus and with less than correct skin tones!  My apologies, my darling heart!
The man of the moment was up at 5.30am and ready to get going by 6.30am, then realised he was ready WAY too early, so went back to bed.  But he wasn’t happy with that idea either, so he was up again well before I left the house!  He certainly enjoyed his day, but he is quite tired tonight.  To top the day off we went to Costco to grab a few things and he drove home – on the still busy freeway!  I think I nearly had several heart attacks, but he did well.   There was a lot of traffic and I could tell he was tired because when he pulled out of the parking bay,  he naturally pulled into the right-hand lane – not a good thing when we drive on the left-hand side of the road!
Here is my pride and joy in the full safety kit and caboodle, including a HEATED safety jacket.  Neat little arrangement: charge the battery overnight, slip it into the pocket and connect it up and hey, presto, warmth for eight hours!  I’m not sure the boots are going to stay pristine cream for very long once he starts digging!  The children can’t stop giggling over the concept of Dad having homework.

Full kit and caboodle

Full kit and caboodle

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We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

10 comments on “Another step forward in a new life!

  1. He looks happy and that is important as it shows how good you’ve been to him and the kids… You’ve done an amazing job Robyn…. Not enough worlds to express them .
    Blessings and light on your path John… Same for you and the kids :-)


    • He is loving it! When we get out own house we will have the best garden! Today they got outside, which he really enjoyed.

      Thank you for the blessings and light Elizabeth – same to you!


  2. Look after those boots Mr O

    I don’t know, fancy giving a man a cream pair of boots :)

    Hope you enjoy the course. :)



  3. This is so very exciting for you guys :) This is a massive achievement for the whole family and especially you mum who gets to see them grow and change from being in a completely different society. There must be so many firsts!!

    Electrician is still a possibility though, if he can get into an adult apprenticeship – the wages aren’t too bad, especially since he has not yet earn a wage, any added income is a bonus…if you follow :)


    • It is exciting and John is enjoying it very much, which is the most important thing at this stage.

      Yes, many firsts. Of course for the kids, the COLD was the biggest. The different way of teaching was also a big first. Lots of firsts!


  4. Good on you, Mr O.
    Carpe diem!


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