We are normal, really we are!

Most of our family articles to date have been of happy first days at school, swimming, shopping for new dressing gowns and other happy, everyone-is-well type stuff.

Let me assure you, we are actually normal!  This morning as I write I am sitting here with a thumping headache.  I woke up with it.  Not very happy.  I felt dizzy at work on Thursday and had to go lay down for a while, felt REALLY tired last night and went to bed before everyone else.  I think I have a bug.  Blocked nose, head hurts if I cough. :(


Mr O Jnr 1 has been to the doctor twice this week with blocked ears and has to go back on Monday for a second attempt to unblock the left ear.   Poor young man, he now has one great ear and one blocked ear.  I think that means he can hear half the time!  I’d dragged him off to the doctor when I became convinced he was talking loudly because he couldn’t hear properly, not just  because he is Mr O’s mini-me! 

I’d had my ears syringed as a child, as did my sister and my daughter had grommets, so I recognised the symptoms!  In the car on the way he told me he had thought I was joking and got a shock when I arrived home from work early and whisked him on this journey!  When we went back yesterday, I took the two younger ones with me just to check, as it only takes two seconds to peer in an ear!  They both got they all clear.  Mr O Jnr 2 took photos of the procedure wth his iPhone, but I’m not subjecting readers to medical shots – this is not ER, after all!

Miss O 1 had her first trip to an Australian dentist and had a back molar filled.  Mr O did that trip, as I was at the doctor with Mr O Jnr 1 at the same time.  I gather there were a few tears as Miss O 1 hates needles and of course there was the pain shot involved.  It wasn’t all bad – Miss O 1 finally got her first trip on one of our trains!

They were very brave though, facing their first treatments in a strange land.  We were very proud of them both!

So we have three “sickies” and three healthy ones today.  Mr O has gone off for a driving lesson and I SO wish he had his licence already because I have to say I am not looking forward to driving to the market for the weekly meat shopping.  Hanging out the washing will be delegated to Misses O 1 & 2.

Yep, we are normal.  

Mr O just got back and………………………… HE DROVE ON THE FREEWAY!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

About Team Oyeniyi

We fought to be together as a team, we are now together as a team. Team Oyeniyi

10 comments on “We are normal, really we are!

  1. Gosh; I’m gone for a little while and I miss so much! I’m so happy that normalcy has graced your home – finally! You and your family deserve every ounce of happiness after the long fight you’ve been through to get here :)


  2. Keep the normalcy going… you guys are doing great. :-)


    • We are really! Given we’ve gone from a state of total disarray (all of us split across three countries and four different locations) with our living situations to all living together in one house, we think we are doing really well!


  3. Glad you’re all normal like the rest of us! :-p
    Get well soon.


  4. WEll done on driving on the freeway! I can’t even make it to drive on our tiny country roads. Hope your family heals up soon.


  5. Well done to John on driving on the freeway!!! Very exciting!! he must be feeling pretty confident then!!!

    Sorry you are not feeling well mum, but it was bound to happen once you got settled into daily routines…I am actually surprised it did not happen sooner to be honest :)

    I didn’t know I had grommets as a child? Interesting…..I should probably have known that for my ear surgery – they did keep asking me and I kept saying no…unless it was not me you are referring to?

    I am also very proud of the kids for dealing with all the doctors and dentists etc :)


    • Very you, actually, re the grommets. How did you forget? :lol: Hmmmmmmmmmm – perhaps you should have asked me? Mind you, it was 30 years ago!!!

      Yes, I think John is very impressed he went on the freeway. Problem is, I’m not sure I’m ready to go on the freeway with him yet, but now how do I keep him off it????


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