Vegemite experience

Emily of Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News  (otherwise known as P.O.R.N.) has been to Australia.  She even wrote about Nick the Awesome Aussie guide.  Emily left this comment on Vegemite: I have to share Emily’s experience, given she is American.  That doesn’t sound right: I mean I have to share her experience because it is a first-hand American experience of Vegemite.

I so wish I would have read this before my first trip to Australia :

Imagine, if you will, a group of American high schoolers sitting around a jar of Vegemite, each with a piece of toast. Just the day before, we’d been introduced to the lovely Tim Tam Rush. The day before that, we’d raided the candy isle with nought a complaint. And even before that, we’d tried our taste of kangaroo and thought it not half bad.

So we sat around the Vegemite, eyeing it hungrily. We each took spoons and spread it on our toast even thicker than peanut butter, and then we took a big, greedy bite.

This comment had me in stitches this morning!  Exactly what happens!

Emily is right about the kangaroo meat too – VERY yummy!

Speaking of yummy, strictly for the ladies, another of Jennifer’s Australian memories – these guys eat their Vegemite, as you can see!

At John’s prompting (see comment below) – here is the song he refers to. :D

EDIT: For more discussion on Vegemite and Marmite – check out Jo’s article at http://jobryantnz.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/vegemiter-or-marmiter-which-one-are-you/

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26 comments on “Vegemite experience

  1. […] What I don’t understand is this. If they love salt so much, how come they cannot stomach Vegemite? […]


  2. […] an interesting read on the Aussie food experience you might want to check out Vegemite Experience […]


  3. I have lots of Australian friends and have been enjoying Vegemite on toast with cheese for years.
    Is a Tim Tam Rush the same as a Tim Tam Slam?


    • Glad to hear it! Welcome, thanks for stopping by.

      You are about to be told a secret that is probably almost treason – I do not like Tim Tams. I might be the only Aussie who doesn’t. Don’t tell the agents, or they’ll hunt me down. Consequently you’ll have to seek slamming advice elsewhere, I’m afraid. :cry:


  4. wow, now I REALLY want to try this stuff. Nice video! It brought back memories of the 80’s for me. Does the vegemite have its own recipe book like other branded foods do? Vegemite pancakes maybe?


    • I’n not sure about the idea of Vegemite pancakes. :???: There is a link to the Vegemite website on the first post I made, I think they have some ideas.

      Yes, memories of the 80s indeed. I never realised that clip was SO BAD!!!! :lol:


  5. I tried vegemite and hated it. It must be an acquired taste but it’s not one I’m pursuing. . I’m in Canada and I can watch the video on the youtube site.


  6. Sorry To I am unable to watch the video here in Portugal…it is blocked :( :(

    Love veggiemite…think it’s the same as Marmite?

    PiP :)


    • Darn! I wanted to show my husband a video when I was in Qatar and it was blocked too. Try just searching for “A land down under” by Men at Work – there might be a version Portugal permits!

      Very similar to Marmite – just some of us think it is better! :P


  7. I’m surprised no one suggested they try some while she was there… Oh well, she can buy it in the US you know? There are specialty stores that carry all those items. :-)
    I love they way you corrected yourself on the American line… I chuckled! :-)


  8. Ciao. And a BIG thanks for the shout out. Pretty sure those boys get their fair share of Vegemite. :)


  9. Wow, thats a lot of smiles – feel free to take em out.


    …sorry, had too.


  10. Vegemite …for the first thirty-five or so years of my life I thought it was simply a line in the Men at Work song, Down Under. Then, in 2008, my Australian driver pulled a jar out to my surprise …Holy Crap, this stuff exists …and I tried it …Blahhhh. Definitely an acquired Australian taste. I like it better in the song. :)

    …and ya know, I know of absolutely no Americans that even know this stuff is actually real. That’s how good it is! :)

    Now, thinking about it – maybe it’s just advertised the wrong way, because I know, if I had to take a spoonful everytime I smoked …I would have quit smoking a long long time ago.

    Good post,
    John :)


  11. Lol! I’ve never had it but I do think it’s funny, based on Robyn’s warning of “less is more.” That’s a hard lesson for Americans to learn!


  12. Wow – I feel so special! Thanks a million for the pingbacks, Robyn :)

    I do wish it hadn’t happened though – I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get that horrible taste out of my mouth, and I’m sure it would have been delicious if we’d done it the right way!


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