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Stephen Fry calls God out on his design flaws


Dave Allen on religion (video, humour)

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My personal good news week of the medical variety

Two of my specialists (see below for back story articles) have reduced my medications! This is a good thing!

Reduced Medications

This doesn’t come without a complication though as the reduction makes tracking taking the right dose on the right day a little more complicated: I will have to pay more attention.

Dr G (the digestive tract specialist) has reduced my Nexium by 25%. Instead of 40 mg a day, I now alternate 40 mg and 20 mg tablets so I am effectively on 30 mg a day. The aim is to get me down to 20 mg a day. I see him again in six weeks.

Dr E (the specialist looking after my nodule-strewn thyroid) has reduced my medication by HALF! Only have to take it once a day now too! Woo hoo! While my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels are not yet within the normal range, last weeks blood test was a very positive improvement. Anything is an improvement over “undetectable”! My inflammatory markers are down too. Back in six weeks to assess progress on the lower dose which will likely be my maintenance dosage.

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Reduce 7 billion people to 100 people to depict our world

When Mr O Jnr 2 (he of the recent major bone surgery) was whinging about my internet restrictions he stated, categorically, that “everyone” else in the world had the internet – all seven billion people, according to him.

Remembering the 100 People: A World Portrait I had read longer ago than I thought, I reminded him if the world was 100 people, only ONE would own a computer.

As we get older, time flies! I thought I should check my memory. I found we have moved on since I originally read those statistics. Now twenty-two people own or share a computer. This is not a directly comparable statistic, sadly, but it is indicative of the increase in the use of technology over the twenty-two years from 1990 to 2012. The shift in college education since 2006 has been from one to seven, according to 100People.org.

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Unless you are a white male, chances are sexism and/or racism will get you

Ever heard of Muzikillz? No? Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Muzikillz is a successful DJ. That success didn’t come until she became a he. Not a surgical transformation, just a disguise to get bookings.

You see, potential clients loved her demo tapes. As long as they thought she was a man. Once they saw the attractive woman, the response was invariably along the lines Muzikillz describes.

He passed her tape around, without giving her name, and she quickly found herself booked on the strength of her music but then rejected when they found out who she was. “They said, ‘F— that girl, she is sexy, she’s only used her looks to get ahead.’ My publicist was like, ‘It’s her tracks on there – you were going to book her as a guy.'”

Source: Daily Life

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We have a people problem

We have a problem. A people problem to be precise.

As I have been discussing of late, it is clear the human locusts are overgrazing the planet. We need to slow our breeding.

This is all very well and good, of course, but in order to do that we will shift the age distribution of the population. We live longer.

Based on United Nations projections, global population growth isn’t slowing as fast as we need.

Population Projection

Year 1950 1975 2000 2025 2050
2,519,495.1 4,065,508.1 6,056,714.9 7,936,740.8 9,322,251.2

I have sourced these figures from a report prepared for the 2002 World Assembly on Ageing. There is considerable regional and age data available in that report – I have concentrated on a summary view.

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3D Printed Mud Housing

Team Oyeniyi:

I think this is pretty amazing.

Originally posted on Life is Good:

In Italy, 3D printer builds affordable homes from mud


WASP are producing a full sized, portable 3D printer which can print mud houses up to 3 metres high.

3D printing is now being used to produce anything from personalized action figuresto tactile maps that help the visually impaired navigate. Now, Italian social businessWASP is developing a full size portable 3D printer which prints bio-architecture houses — combining one of humanity’s latest technological developments with one if its oldest building materials, mud.

In many parts of the world where affordable housing shortages are a growing problem, mud remains the most affordable and widely available raw material. However, building with it is an arduous and labour-intensive process. WASP intend to produce a commercially-available three armed, 20ft portable 3D printer which can be assembled on site, by two people, in two hours and print structures up to 3 metres high. For…

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Will we still be allowed BBQs by Sunday?

Here you go. White with one!

Great coffee - in a soup tureen?

Great coffee – in a soup tureen?

Thanks. You know, I’m so confused. I thought the right wing lot were all keen on small government and free speech and minimal intervention in our lives.

So they say. Why are you confused?

Yesterday I read journalists are being reported to the police for reporting the news. That sounds like government controlling the news to me, or am I just too stupid to understand the political world?

It does seem rather contradictory to the proclaimed belief in free speech, I agree.

Then I read someone tried to lodge an “Application to Show Cause” at the High Court and a registrar quoted a whole lot of legalese at her and said she couldn’t lodge it or file it or whatever they do. That seems like a pre-trial judgement to me. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

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The bi-lateral de-rotation osteotomies DONE!

"This is fun!"

“This is fun!”

Some time ago we started on the journey of having a lovely young man’s legs straightened. Mr O Jnr 2 wants to join the army and later the police force. Tripping over his own feet was a physical skill probably not appreciated by either organisation.

Mr O Jnr 2 was originally assessed some time ago and found to require surgery. In December 2013 we attended the Gait Lab at the Royal Children’s Hospital to have a raft of measurements taken and determine where the problem was. Originally it was thought to be his hips and we were looking at really major surgery. We were told he was also highly likely to suffer knee and hip problems later in life – and not so much later either – if we didn’t correct his legs.

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18 Parenting Experiences

Collated over time.

A child's foot after a spot of GREAT surgery

A child’s foot after a spot of GREAT surgery

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