Green and Gold

It is easy to see why the national colours of Australia are green and gold. I snapped these at a local park. The native trees are starting to blossom. Click on the gallery to see full size. Green and gold everywhere!

Now heavily into Stage 2 of the Global Corporate Challenge, I have been swimming and walking like crazy. Plus it has been end of financial year: time is short. So short in fact we missed a few lunchtime walks and that makes hitting 12,000 steps a day a bit harder. Sometimes we even forget to remove our runners when we DO get out!

Not a professional look!

Not a professional look!

I remembered at 4 pm – too late to bother changing! Given the challenge is sponsored by the company, I was excused!

I have achieved that full Iron Man trophy I was after! I am NEVER getting on the bike again though – my knee complains bitterly!

Iron Man

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Walking photos

I was so busy celebrating the end of Stage 1 of the current fitness regime, I didn’t share my walk photos. I hadn’t walked as much last week due to the grumpy knee, but I do have some. Not all are flowers.

One day was quite overcast and the park near my office was not as bright as usual. Click on the gallery to see the full size images

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Stage 1 is DONE! Plus Frightbats, World Refugee Day and High Court wins!

Even the #frightbat saga didn’t manage to pull me away from my stepping. My apologies to our regular readers: I’ve been exercising.

Daily Progress

Daily Progress

That chart doesn’t have today on it yet – but my reading will be 4,200 for cycling, 2,375 for swimming (I only did 500 metres in the pool today) and 7,000 plus a few for walking. A total of 13,575 steps for the day. That will give me an average for the stage of just over 11,000 steps a day even with my poor sore knee.

At first I thought it was “water on the knee” from overuse but I actually think it was tight hamstrings. Some stretches are helping, but then perhaps so did the ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory cream I’ve been rubbing in. Maybe it was a combination of going from 3,000 steps a day to 10,000 a day (overuse) and tight hamstrings. Whatever, I had a damn sore and swollen left knee then the right knee went out in sympathy!

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Blood spurted from the ripped flesh

Continued from Destination Madagascar.  If you have just joined this story and wish to start from the beginning, go to What goes around comes around.

Jones didn’t sleep. No-one slept. Sometime tomorrow they would see land, yet none of them knew what sort of welcome they would receive. A silence had enveloped the boat, save for the throbbing of the engine. As dawn light shimmered over the crests of the waves, Jones staggered to the deck. He was thirsty, but there was no longer any water. Only a few hours to go. Black clouds in the distance would soon bring darkness and rain. Jones strained his eyes to see land. Sarah appeared at his side.

Clouds“We will not be welcome here. They have accepted so many already.”

“How do you know?” Jones asked, fear gripping the pit of his stomach.

“Jimmy has made this trip before.”

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Seaford Shots

On Friday I visited friends in Seaford, a very outer suburb of Melbourne. We walked to a lovely little cafe for coffee and a light lunch and then walked back. So I was walking!

Here are my shots from Seaford. See the ducks?

Kananook Creek

Kananook Creek

Yes, there are flowers!

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Where are the adults, again?

I really am over it. Totally. Over. It.


Neither of these t-shirts are appropriate in a civilised society. In my view, they mean totally different things, which I will come to, but let me re-iterate: NEITHER are appropriate!

The first word on each of these t-shirts has several meanings in modern language. It can mean (amongst other things) anger, frustration, get rid of someone, do someone over: last but not least to actually engage in sexual activity.

Like it or lump it Tony Abbott is probably one of the, if not the, most unpopular Australian Prime Minister in history so soon after election. While I don’t condone the top t-shirt, I think the meaning is pretty clear. Get him the “f” outta here. There is no implication of actually having sex with Tony or that he spread his legs for the local football team.

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To commemorate 59 years on this planet, I’m sharing some of the things that I’ve noticed have changed since I was young.

Black bras under white shirts. When I was young this was just NOT acceptable. Now it seems to be a fashion thing. Same with white shoes and black stockings. Very weird if you ask me.

Electricity. OK, as a kid I lived in the bush. We had a generator which Dad fired up before it got dark. When Mum and Dad were first married they had no generator. We were not the only ones, all the farms around us were the same.

Colour television. I saw that come into being.

Decimal currency. Yes, I can still add up pounds, shillings and pence, thank you very much! Can you? Remember florins?

Women did NOT drink beer. I remember my mother being horrified enough to tell me when she came home from a function that this woman had drunk BEER! Oh the shame of it. I’m still not a beer drinker, some “training” lasts a lifetime. Or I just don’t like the taste.

People dressed up to fly. In fact, they dressed up to travel by train. We wore our Sunday Best. Or our school uniform if we were going back to boarding school. Now I have no trouble travelling in runners and jeans.

We made tea in a teapot. I can’t remember when teabags appeared. Must warm the teapot first, you know.

There was no such thing as emails. We actually had secretaries type memorandums. We signed them.

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No words needed

The sun shines

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Are you tired of my flowers yet?

I hope not, because I just do not have the energy to write anything remotely controversial or political or anything! :lol:

Pretty sure this is a banksia!

Pretty sure this is a banksia!

Someone should remind me I turn 59 on Thursday and haven’t really done any sustained fitness work for about four years. I think I’m thankful I did many years previously! My problem is this thing I’m in has targets and teams and trophies. High motivation. Desire to a) beat targets b) not let the team down c) win trophies and d) help our team beat the other teams (or as many as possible) in my company.

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The Greatest Financial Scam of All Time?

Team Oyeniyi:

Although written about the UK with particular emphasis on the upcoming Scottish referendum, Derek’s words are applicable to Australia and many other countries. I’ve often wondered how private enterprise can be cheaper when profits and dividends must be considered. Think of them as extra “costs” to be included in the charges to the end customer. Plus, where are our income tax cuts when these entities are divested?

Originally posted on The Babel Fish:

Well, somebody has to say it, so it might as well be me. Privatisation is very probably the biggest financial scam of all time. It dwarves anything else I can think of. LIBOR? Fiddling small change. The original Charles Ponzi? Amateur! There has been renewed talk of privatisation recently, as the coalition government seek to use it to help balance the books, the Royal Mail and the NHS being the principle targets. It has become an issue in the Scottish referendum campaign, so it’s important to understand what it’s really all about.

It’s a scam, and here’s why: not only does it not always do what it says on the tin, it’s actually impossible for it to do what it says on the tin. I call it ‘magic pudding economics.’ Here’s the theory: You take a publicly owned organisation that is providing a service, let’s just take the example of…

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